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We are the Mmako Cricket Academy

This academy is an opportunity for youngsters to develop their skills and better themselves and their respective schools. Setting up this academy is a symbol of sacrifices that had to be done, not only from my own behalf the last 12 years, but that in my mothers’ side. Having to sacrifice not seeing her son every day as a minor so he can chase his dream of being a professional cricketer. I dedicate this academy to my mother; Emily Maponka Mmako who’s been the hero no one knows in my life.

Cricket is more than throwing balls and hitting balls and having a few sledges here and there. Cricket gave me friends, gave me brothers, gave me food and a roof. Today cricket is allowing me to get a degree and to still pursue it as a profession. It is not just a bat and ball, it is an opportunity, an opportunity that might change one person’s life forever. Therefore, I believe that every child must get an opportunity at this cricket thing. At the end of the day, that’s all cricket is: a thing/just sport, but the power within it has changed the lives of many for the better. May this academy just change one more life. Just One.

The Best

Meet the Coaches

Dalen Mmako
Cricket & hockey Coach
Nkosinathi Baby Msiza
Cricket Coach